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I decided to grow a U-Pick vineyard because there was one on this farm once before. About 25 years ago, where the forest is growing, there used to be a U-Pick. It was a successful business with regular locals picking the grapes for thier wine, but then the neglect set in, the blackberries and trees began to grow.

Vines seen in foreground of photo are cuttings from original plants.

The plan I have this time around is to build a complete vineyard into a pattern, or composition. Not simply rows, but rows with style and distinction - if such a thing exists. Working with Lon Rombough of Aurora, Oregon, I have compiled a collection of varieties that should give an extremely interesting insight into the behavior, color, texture, size, abundance, taste, etc, etc, of the grape plant. It should be possible to wonder in the vineyard, tasting grapes as you walk, collecting clusters that you find particularly tasty and good. And if you decide you want to have a plant of that variety, you will know ahead of time what it tastes like. And hopefully there will be a plant available to buy.

However, starting a vineyard is easy. As mentioned in passing above, a vineyard can quickly turn to a bunch of trees and blackberries without regualar maintenance, so if you are to start a vineyard, think! You have to maintain that thing!

Though it may be labourious work, the end result is amazing.

Grape Juice

I really enjoy the juice of grapes, rather than the alcohol derived from the wine. Grapes like Fredonia, Price, Concord, and others, lend themselves to juice nicely. Other grapes have a nice color, and will be fun to juice, bottle and use in comparison.

12 oz. Bottles will probably be $2.00 each, grape juice floats at $3.00.

A 12 oz. bottle of pure grape juice can be cut with about 4 oz. of water. Pure grape juice can be super sweet stuff, chock full of pulp.

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