This March the daffodils are going to bloom and the farm will be covered in yellow flowers. For the first time in over a decade, I plan to change the price to $1.50 a dozen. I have been selling and growing daffodils for a long time. A few years ago I embarked on a plan to dig every single buld and replant it. Along the way I decided I didn't have enough bulbs, so I began a program of daffodil rescue and recovery. Its mission: to locate and save daffodil beds from the plow of the land developer. Read a page from my novelette on the discovery of some rare and forgotten daffodils • Daffodil Commando

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There are tens of thousands of flowers on this property. Originally planted after the civil war, they have multiplied by the thousands. A dime found squished between the bricks of the fireplace had a date of 1861, or something. Dime was lost do to a break-in back in the mid-1990's.

Rain from a March 1st shower

What the parking scene usually looks like. It gets tight when I have 3 - 4 customers stopping at once.

What I call Carnation

Variety found along river road. Sadly the owners of the propery refused to let me dig out the bulbs. Within a year the new owners of the property had rototilled the yard to make it "new", thereby killing thousands and thousands of these.
These only exist because I went ahead and took them while the house was in transition. The day I dug these out, I was surprised by the daughter who thought I was steeling her mother's bulbs. I often wonder if they knew the yard was going to be plowed, would they have helped me dig out their mother's bulbs? I asked the brother the day before if it was okay, I gave him $100 for one section of bulbs. It was a short section, yet I counted over 2000 bulbs just from that one little part of the yard. Wish I had dug the same day I made the deal with the brother.

These daffodils are the last to bloom, opening just before the narcissus. They are so late in the season, the heat of summer approaching can wilt them and turn them brown on the edges.

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