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Citrullus lanatus

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Wecome to the Citrullus page. I discuss all things Watermelon related. Helpful hint, because the watermelon evolved in the North Africa desert, the roots like to be really HOT!!! I grow all my watermelons on black plastic. I simply cut little holes every foot and plant a watermelon start, the black plastic heats the soil sufficiently to grow some really wonderful fruit.

Ice Cream - Typical watermelon. Seeds given to me from Lon Rombough, who collected them from a guy in the Hubbard, Oregon area. The watermelon is known for being able to keep till Thanksgiving, though there is some debate as to how that would be done.

Open Pollinated Seeds, Tualatin Valley Grown.

Crimson Sweet - Round with two-toned green skin. Super fine variety. Because it is a bit smaller, it grows slightly better with Oregon's shorter summer seasons.

Open Pollinated Seeds, Tualatin Valley Grown.

Allsweet - Medium sized fruit has the fine eating qualities of a larger, longer-season type, with the advantage of a shorter maturity and smaller size.

Lake Valley Seed Company, Seed packet information.

Charleston Gray (85 days) - Extra large, smooth-skinned melons weight up to 30 pounds. Inside the fine textured flesh is sweet and juicy. Disease resistant. Suspect this type may have a hard time in Oregon, will give it a try.

Lake Valley Seed Company, Seed packet information.

Sugar Baby (80 days) - Grows very well on black plastic here in the Tualatin Valley. Sweet, awesome, excellent melon.

Open Pollinated Seeds, Tualatin Valley Grown.

Moon and Stars (95 days) - The legendary variety rediscoverd in Missouri. Large fruit up to 40 pounds, with dark green skin speckled with bright-yellow spashes ranging from star to moon size. Missouri has a longer season than Oregon, might have to select for the smallest example to ensure good quality.

Lilly Miller Seed Company, Seed packet information.

Red-Seeded Citron (80 days) - Requires a long, warm growing season and does best in loose, fertile soil. Flesh is inedible raw, but may be used in baking and makes excellent preserves. Use care to harvest all fruit since citron can become weedy if alloweed ro reseed.

J.W. Jung Seed Company, Seed packet information. 335 S. High St. Randolph, WI 53957

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